Dinosaur Trails – Explore by Attraction

Dinosaur Attractions

With the largest diversity of dinosaur fossils in the world, it’s only fitting that Alberta also has some great dino-dedicated sites to check out. At the Royal Tyrell Museum, after checking out all the fossils and skeletons, you can create your own fossil mould to take home with you! OR head over to Dinosaur Provincial Park to see what you can dig up! At Devil’s Coulee, you can see some dinosaur eggs and the embryonic skeleton of a hadrosaur.

Badlands Attractions

The diversity of the Canadian Badlands are second to none.  Embark on a Coffee Tour from some of Alberta’s finest roasters before heading to Medalta to find your heart of clay. Retrace the footsteps that coalminers walked every day at Atlas Coal Mine.  Get lost in the sky in Cypress Hills, one of Canada’s largest sky reserves.  Experience the juxtaposition of watching the sun set over the moonlike atmosphere of Dinosaur Provincial Park taking your breath away. Walking between wind-worn hoodoos at Writing-On-Stone, makes for a great day and leads you to an incredible view of the Milk River.