Enter photos taken within our region which includes, Alberta, British Columbia, and Montana. Need inspiration? Consider submitting scenery pictures, images of wildlife that showcase this region, as well as your experiential shots throughout the area.

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Ben and Kelsey are doing a local (affordable) destination wedding at Elkwater just a 3.5 hr. drive from their Calgary home. Everything’s better in small town Southern Alberta!

Photo taken from above Cameron Falls out over the lake. After a few days of poor visibility the smoke from the wildfires finally lifted enough to see down the lake a little bit. The haze and sun makes for a

Beautiful and peaceful picture of cascade ponds in Banff

Hudson enjoying the lake and views

These little “rock rabbits” are surely the cutest creatures on the planet! Watched this dude having a snack in Kananaskis, AB

Richardson’s ground squirrel got very curious while we were photographing them at the Okotoks Erratic.

Image of Red Rock Canyon

If the views don’t take your breath away, then the climb up Mount Lineham certainly will.

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