Utilize one of these communities as your “hub” to branch out into other nearby communities during your vacation! More to come soon!

Stay in Pincher Creek

To make your next weekend away one for the history books, why not grab your friends and take in some history? A lot of history. Book your weekend at one of our participating Pincher Creek hotels and get ready to take in all the surrounding area offers. From your weekend base of Pincher, you have easy access to a walk-through history at Leitch Collieries, a picnic and relaxation at Beauvais Lake or take in the vastness of damage endured at Frank Slide A little trip south will have you at Remington Carriage Museum where interactive galleries beautifully showcase authentic carriages that have been meticulously restored! And you don’t want to miss out on a trip to Waterton where you’ll find a whole new meaning to peace and relaxation! That’s a whole lot to try to fit in a day though, so you’ll want to spend a night or two so you can take it all in.

Stay in Cardston

In the rolling hillside between the prairie and Rocky Mountains of southwest Alberta is a pretty town that wins visitors over with its beauty, history, and pioneering spirit.

Located centrally between Waterton Lakes National Park and Glacier National Park in Montana, Cardston is one of those rare places on the map that doesn’t need to be commercial or flashy to be worthy of a visit. The landscape alone in this quiet and historic town is enough reason to stop by. Majestic snow capped mountains grace the horizon, appearing so close it almost seems you could reach out and touch them. But there is a lot more to Cardston than meets the eye. Hundreds of years of cultural, religious, and municipal history are kept alive and celebrated here, showcased in a number of attractions, both well established and new.

Delve into the rich history of Cardston and see how some of southern Alberta’s earliest settlers helped to create the unique spirit of southern Alberta.